Reasons Why No Deposit Online Casino Bonuses Aren’t Always Worthwhile


The secret ingredient online casinos use to attract players is the infallible no deposit bonus. After all, to lots of players’ eyes, a no deposit bonus could be seen as a gift from the casino without having to pay anything in return.

However, logic can tell us that online casinos rarely give away anything for nothing and despite what it looks like on the surface, a no deposit bonus does not always deliver what it promises. Here you will be informed of what to look for when you claim a no deposit bonus and the reasons why a deposit bonus is sometimes a better choice.

Without A Deposit, There Is Usually Only A Small Bonus
The first major difference between a no deposit bonus and a deposit bonus is the size of the bonus given.

For deposit bonuses, players can often secure hundreds of free spins and up to four-digit payouts when they claim deposit bonuses. On the other hand, no deposit bonuses players would be considered very lucky if they receive more than 20 free spins or have €20 credited.

This may not seem like much at first, but you don’t have to do anything other than register with an online casino and possibly claim the bonus. And how do you say so beautifully? A gift horse, don’t you look in the mouth? But that’s exactly what we want to do, because the hurdles with a no deposit bonus are usually higher than the fact that you don’t get a particularly large bonus.

Why an online casino bonus without a deposit is not always worthwhile element01 – CasinoTopMuch higher wagering requirements
In most online casinos, bonus amounts have to be wagered several times before you can request a withdrawal.

Typical numbers in the case of a deposit bonus are wagering requirements between 20x and 40x. This means that if you receive a bonus of € 100, you must first wager € 2,000 to € 4,000 before you can withdraw winnings from your bonus.

If that sounds like a difficult task, then you will be amazed when we tell you that the wagering requirements in the case of a bonus without a deposit are usually raised quite a bit. Sales between 50 times and 80 times are almost the standard here.

So imagine just once, you get a no deposit bonus of € 10, then you have to wager at least € 500 before you can request a withdrawal. And then you need a good dose of luck if you want to turn € 10 into more than € 500.

Payouts are very limited
But let’s assume that you actually manage to land the big hit and a huge win with one of your first bets. Let’s say you make € 1,000 out of your € 10 and spend € 500 in the online casino. Then you want to have the remaining € 500 paid out?

You cut yourself pretty well, because in most cases the payouts for a no deposit bonus are extremely limited. A typical payout restriction is around € 100 from a no deposit bonus and it is sometimes much less.

Why an online casino bonus without a deposit is not always worthwhile element02 – CasinoTopThink about what you want in the online casino
So you can see that online casinos provide comprehensive security when you give a no deposit bonus. So is there no point in securing a no deposit bonus? It’s not that easy.

If you are new to the online casino and just want to try a few real money games, a no deposit bonus is a great option. You do not have to play in demo mode, but can play the slots in the logged-in state as if you had paid into your account.

And who knows, maybe you will win and can at least increase the bonus a little. But if you think a no deposit bonus is a great way to add funds to the online casino, you’re wrong.

We only recommend this type of bonus for pleasure and try it out. If you are hunting for big prizes and want to cash them out, it is usually the best choice to forego bonus offers altogether.